Neighbourhood Services



The team work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing a totally unique service, this consists of:-

You can contact the Neighbourhood Service Team at any time day or night by:-

C.C.T.V. Services

Ashton Pioneer Homes provide C.C.T.V camera surveillance throughout our estate.

When incidents are detected the Neighbourhood Services Team provide a response by:-

Concierge Services

Our concierge system electronically controls access into the tower and maisonette blocks. The system is fitted to both the pedestrian gates and the main entrance doors.

How it works

Tenants can gain access by means of a fob, and visitors by pressing the number of the flat they wish to visit, or the concierge button.

The calls can either go straight through to the property or to the concierge, who will contact the tenant to get permission to let the visitor in. Tenants give access to their visitors by pressing the enter button on their handset.


If tenants don’t wish to be disturbed they can activate the privacy button on their handsets. All calls will then go via the concierge and access will be denied. In cases of emergency our concierge can override the privacy button.


Cleaning Standards

The standard of cleaning in the communal areas of our buildings is important to us because it is important to our residents.

Cleaning at a Glance:-

We ensure these standards are met by carrying out regular estate inspections.

Estate Patrols

Throughout the day at various times the Neighbourhood Services Team undertakes patrols of our estates and the communal areas of our properties.

These patrols allow the staff to:-

Property-4      Property-11

Out of Hours Service

Having staff on site 24/7 gives Ashton Pioneer Homes the ability to provide a unique out of hour’s service.

What do we provide?

How to contact our Neighbourhood Service Team:-