Ending your Tenancy

Your Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding contract. If you wish to end your tenancy, you must give Ashton Pioneer Homes the required notice as detailed below.



After serving notice

When you give us 4 week’s notice to terminate a tenancy, Customer Services will write to you with an appointment for your Housing Officer and Maintenance Inspector to visit your property.  This appointment will take place within 10 working days to:


Handing in keys

You must hand in all the keys to the property to Customer Services at Margaret House. When you hand in your keys you will be asked to sign a form and your tenancy will then be ended. Tenancies always end on a Sunday. If you hand in your keys before 2.00pm on a Monday then your tenancy will be ended on the previous Sunday. If you hand in your keys after 2.00pm then your tenancy will not ended until the following Sunday unless special arrangements have been agreed with your Housing Officer.

If you are unable to hand in your keys personally someone can hand them in on your behalf but you must give them a letter with the keys confirming who is handing them in on your behalf.

You must make sure that there is no one else who has keys to the property and you must not leave any person or animal at the property when you go.

You should clear the house and garden of all of your belongings otherwise you might be recharged for the costs of clearing any items that are left behind.

Special circumstances

Sometimes less than 4 week’s notice can be accepted, for example where a tenant has died and executors or next of kin are ending the tenancy. In these circumstances we would ask that the next of kin contact the Housing Officer as soon as possible so that each individual case can be discussed and arrangements can be made.

If a tenant is unwell, is in hospital or has moved into residential care they may be unable to give notice on the tenancy. Providing that there is confirmation from a solicitor, social worker or care home manager, a relative or another person can be appointed to end the tenancy. Please contact the Housing Officer for the property to discuss the situation if this applies.

Ending Your Tenancy – Reminder

Finally, if you have any old curtains you do not wish to take with you, we would be very grateful if you could leave them at the windows of your property.