Banding Priorities


Ashton Pioneer Homes operates a ‘needs based’ banding allocation system.  The five Bands are arranged to reflect housing need, with the highest Band indicating the greatest housing need.  The Bands also reflect community contribution.  The scheme consists of the following five Bands:

Table of Bands

BAND A Urgent Need to Move

  • Statutory Homeless Households – (see Nominations)
  • Homeless Households – direct applications
  • Emergency Medical, Welfare or Disability
  • Armed Forces personnel requiring re-housing
  • People needing rehousing due to Child Protection issues
  • Persons needing rehousing from Supported Housing who can sustain a tenancy with support – via Tameside Supported Housing Register
BAND B1 Reasonable Preference and Community Contribution

  • Overcrowding
  • Unsatisfactory / Unsanitary Housing Conditions
  • Persons who under occupy APH accommodation by 1 or more bedroom(s)
  • Children living at height
  • Medical grounds
  • Safeguarding issues for vulnerable adults or children
BAND B2 As above with B1 but with no Community Contribution
BAND C Adequately Housed or have no local connection
BAND D Reduced Priority, Applicants Awaiting Review or Suspended Applicants