Maintaining Standards

At Ashton Pioneer Homes we strive to maintain our properties to the highest possible standard. Using our in-house Estate Services and Neighbourhood Services Teams plus external contractors, we continually monitor the condition of our stock.  We carry out daily, weekly and seasonal repairs as well as larger, planned maintenance projects.


We also carry out regular stock condition surveys to assist our staff when scheduling repairs. Furthermore, we have a company-wide commitment to continuous improvement, sustainability and environmental improvements.

Responsibilities for repairs

Repairs to some parts of a property will be the responsibility of Ashton Pioneer Homes whilst other repairs are the responsibility of the tenant.

Whose responsibility is it?

APH is responsible for maintaining:

As a tenant, you will be responsible for maintaining certain items.  If you are unsure about who is responsible for parts of our property, click our simple at-a-glance guide below*.

How to Report a repair

All repairs can be reported via the following methods:-

In person

at the Reception desk in Margaret House

by Telephone

Monday to Friday between 9am & 5pm except on Wednesday when we close at 3pm on: 0161 343 8128
Out of hours (Emergency repairs only)  on: 0161 339 9377

by using our simple on-line contact form  or email:

When you report a repair you can request a morning or afternoon appointment and when possible we will provide a specific time to suit you. In addition you can also take advantage of our ‘Tenants Own Key’ system. This allows you to leave a key at our office for the contractor to use to access your property if the appointments available are not accessible for you.

Please try to provide us with as much information as possible when reporting a repair. This will help to ensure that the right work and priority is recorded and will aid us to deal with your request promptly and efficiently.

You will need to provide us with the following information:

Once a repair has been carried out, you will be invited to complete and submit a simple questionnaire about how satisfied you have been with our response.  This will assist APH to monitor how satisfied our tenants are with the service they receive and allow us to improve our services wherever necessary.

All completed questionnaires will be entered into our monthly draw with one tenant winning a prize each time.

Here is your Repair Questionnaire

Repairs Guide

At Ashton Pioneer Homes we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient repairs service. If you report an item that needs attention we will arrange a time that is convenient with you to conduct the repair.

Repairs fall into one of the following four categories:

Emergency Repairs

Attended within 4 hours. May affect safety, security or health. Includes burst water pipes or leaks, gas leaks and failure of heating systems during winter.

Urgent Repairs

Attended within 48 hours. Includes most electrical problems, dangerous glazing and broken toilet pans.

Routine Repairs

Attended within 7 days. Includes repairs to doors, windows and kitchen units.

General Repairs

Attended within 28 days. Includes plastering and constructed items, such as gates, fence panels and replacement external doors.

Who is Responsible
Type Of Repair APH Tenant
Basin or Sink replacement
Bath panel replacement
Blocked bath, basin, sink, shower or toilet
Broken toilet seats (refix or replace)
Plug or chain replacement
Plumbing/fitting your own domestic appliances, which must be done according to Gas Safe or NICEIC regulations
Sealant replacement for kitchen units and sanitary fittings
Shower curtain replacement
Tap washer replacement (to stop dripping)
Unblocking external waste pipes ONLY
Water supply and water pipes
Who is Responsible
Type Of Repair APH Tenant
Electrical wiring including sockets and switches
Fluorescent tubes and starter motors
Fuse box – resetting the trip switch
Fuses and plugs
Light bulbs
Who is Responsible
Type Of Repair APH Tenant
Bleeding radiators and relighting pilot light
Chimneys (excluding sweeping)
Fireplaces, fitted fires and central heating systems
Gas pipes and appliances provided by us
Water heaters
General Internal
Who is Responsible
Type Of Repair APH Tenant
Bleeding radiators
Communal areas (unless damage has been caused by you)
Cracks (minor) in wall – patching
Cracks (minor) in ceiling – patching
Curtain pole, rail or track replacement
Damage caused by you to the property, fixtures or fittings
Door adaptations (to accomodate carpets) including refixing draft excluders
Door bell replacement or fitting (including batteries)
Doors and frames
Door hinges and skirting
Draught proofing
Fixtures and fittings provided by us
Fitting additional locks/catches or safety devices, for example: peep holes, safety chain and burglar alarm
Fixtures you have fitted (like laminate flooring/shelves)
Handles and latches on inside doors and cupboards
Painting and decorating including papering, woodwork or coving
Smoke alarm (battery powered) testing or replacement
TV aerial, points or satellite dishes you have had fitted
Walls, floors and ceilings

Property-23 Property-12


Rechargeable Repairs

You are responsible under the Terms of your Tenancy Agreement to repair any damage caused to your home or communal areas by you, members of your family or visitors.

If APH have to carry out a repair that is your responsibility a charge will be made against you for the cost of completing the works. The cost to complete the repair will depend on the work completed and the charge will be applied regardless if the damage is deliberate or accidental or not normal wear and tear.

Repair items include (but are not limited to);

Residents will be asked to pay a minimum of 50% cost of rechargeable repair prior to the repair being completed unless the repair is a risk to Health and Safety.  APH may refuse to carry out the work until full payment has been made in some circumstances.  Please note that if you have an outstanding recharge account and have not attempted to repay the money you owe, we will not carry out any non-essential repairs to your home.