Performance Benchmarking

At APH we aim to continuously improve by learning lessons from how we operate on a daily basis and by comparing that with how other housing associations and businesses work. This is known as ‘benchmarking’.

Property-27By using benchmarking, we can learn how well APH is performing in a number of specific areas. We produce quarterly reports to Board to show how we compare with both North West Small Housing Associations and also nationally. This information is then used to aid continuous improvement and business performance.  We produce Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to demonstrate to tenants, the Board and staff how successful we are. By studying comparative information from other businesses we can work out what makes them successful and develop our own plans on how to incorporate their best practices into how we operate.

Here are a number of KPI’s that demonstrate how APH is performing. This information will be updated regularly.

This part of our website is currently being updated.