Performance Benchmarking

At APH we aim to continuously improve by learning lessons from how we operate on a daily basis and by comparing that with how other housing associations and businesses work. This is known as ‘benchmarking’.

Property-27By using benchmarking, we can learn how well APH is performing in a number of specific areas. We produce quarterly reports to Board to show how we compare with both North West Small Housing Associations and also nationally. This information is then used to aid continuous improvement and business performance.  We produce Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to demonstrate to tenants, the Board and staff how successful we are. By studying comparative information from other businesses we can work out what makes them successful and develop our own plans on how to incorporate their best practices into how we operate.

Here are a number of KPI’s that demonstrate how APH is performing. This information will be updated regularly.

Current tenant arrears at the end of March were £107K which is above target. Housing Officers have been working hard to increase the number of direct debit payments and/or standing order payments. Officers have met all internal targets with regard to the rent recovery procedures including the serving of NOSPs (132) and court applications. There have been 13 evictions up to quarter 4 and there are currently 32 live court orders. For cases with over £500 arrears 90% of those cases have been served with a NOSP

Although the % let first time is good there were 6 properties not let the first time. One 2 bed hi-rise was offered 4 times and two of the low rise flats proved difficult to let one was offered 6 times and one was offered 7 times.

APH void turn around remains excellent and significantly better than our peers. Managers do anticipate that this figure may increase but hopefully there is enough scope for this to happen but still remain within target.

Historically this is an area that APH has always performed better than our Peers and we continue to perform well in this area. The S&P data is only partially complete again with only 3 RPs completing the data on this field

Performance remains excellent in this area and having customer service trainees helps with this performance area. The telephone remains the preferred method of contact and communication with the vast majority of our customers and it is important to perform well in the KPI

Improved Performance in the area has been aided by scrutiny of the repair priorities and enhanced staff/contractor knowledge

Significant improvement throughout the year has been enabled by close analysis of repair orders and the localised element of the labour force. Endorsement of the appointments system has also increased performance by ensuring that access is provided to the contractor concerned.

Significant increase on the percentage of repairs completed on the first visit to the property. Analysis has not shown any trends for this result but will continue to be monitored.