Money Advice

What can I do if I am experiencing money problems?

Debt problems can affect many areas of your life, not least your ability to meet your rent commitments. Here is a short guide to provide some practical help.


We are here to help

Step one – firstly, contact your Housing Services Officer so that we are aware of your situation. We will deal with your case sensitively and sympathetically, assisting you with other agencies wherever possible. The sooner we know about any financial difficulties, the easier it will be for us to help you.

Step two – contact specialist advice agencies – your Housing Services Officer will be able to assist you in this process. The Tameside Welfare Rights Service or the Citizens Advice Bureau will offer you confidential, free and independent advice. They can maximise your income by conducting a full welfare benefit check to assess your entitlement. They also provide a full debt counselling service and in some cases, will be able to help to negotiate a new repayment schedule with your creditors by speaking to your creditors directly.

Step three – it is very important to make contact yourself with the Housing Benefit Department at Tameside Council, so that they can assess your eligibility for help with rent payments. If you are on a low income, pregnant, ill, or in receipt of Welfare Benefits you may be entitled to Housing Benefit. Unfortunately this relief isn’t usually backdated, so it is important to claim as soon as possible.

Again, please be assured that staff at Ashton Pioneer Homes are tactful and sympathetic, and will help you as much as they can to resolve your difficulties.

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