At APH, we believe that each and every customer contact is an opportunity for us to learn something that can help us improve our services. We therefore encourage all our customers you to let us know what they think.

We also realise that occasionally we do make mistakes and that is why we follow a strict Complaints procedure so that we can assure you that we take these matters seriously. We will always appreciate your feedback and we will be grateful for the opportunity to put things right that may have gone wrong.

We welcome tenant involvement at all levels in the organisation. Our Pioneer People groups provide an opportunity for tenants to volunteer their services and get involved at a level that suits them. The Pioneer Panel provides a real opportunity for tenants to scrutinise our services and the Panel really help us to improve our services.


We also welcome enquiries from the media at APH as we are a successful, award winning social housing provider delivering a range of excellent and transparent services to local people.